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In-school and after-school award winning programs in music, dance, professional development, and science offered as Workshops, Artist-In-Residence, Mentorship’s, Master classes, and in concert form. Bibliography and study guides are available. "Al-Andalusia to Dizzy” Ensemble: Latin America, Afro-Cuban, Latin-Jazz, and the Caribbean, Steel Pan-The Shiny Drum, Ballroom, African and Tap Dance, “Living Art of Gourds”, Vocal, Ensemble Sepia Classical Music, Reptile Edventure Program, Aviation, Hand and Bucket Percussion programs.

The Wisdom of the Ancients: While the foundations of wellness are unique to each of us, when it comes to our basic needs, we share much in common. Physical, emotional and spiritual components of well-being are sacred and inseparable.

Workshops and Residency Programs

Moorish-American, Drummer-Percussionist, Educator, artist, composer, and writer. Since 1885 Napoleon and his ensembles have lead programs in and after school that include the Jazz, World and modern music, Tap, Ballroom Dance and Theatre Arts.

The different programs are tailored to infuse the learners for academ­ic curriculum and the Lifetime Arts Creative Aging Programs ” to improve the quality of life with related music and offer a multi-sensory, and intelligent experience, that supports the national, local and State’s Dignity Act.

Revels-Bey Music Teaching Artis has created and facilitated programs for Parents as Art Partners, and received NYSCA Artist grants, for community, and school residencies. Participated in several artist programs, the Liberty Partnership Program & 21st Century Community Learning Center, National Seminar for Teaching Artists, at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC, and Suffolk BOCES AIE C3 Teaching Artist Collaborative: What are the essential qualities of an effective 21st century teaching artist. And facilitated professional development workshops, Balance Mind Conference-"The Arts Education of the Future" and NYSSMA.


Jazz, World & Modern music,Tap & Ballroom Dance, Percussion as Music Therapy, Wellness & Recreational Music Making, the Theatre Arts, Storytelling & Young Ambassordor's Programs.





The Arts and culture of Afro-Cuban, Jazz, Dance and Theatre arts have reflected and shaped the lives of our society, its children, youth and adults through its intergenerational collaboration, as well as governmental policies, and programs.


Improving the lives of children, youth and older adults through intergenerational collaboration, public policies, and programs. Intergenerational-shared sites are settings where children, youth and older adults participate in services and/or programs concurrently at the same site or on the same campus. Participants interact during regular planned intergenerational activities, as well as through informal encounters. In addition to shared sites, these settings can be referred to as intergenerational spaces, centers, care/day care, etc.

Shared Spaces: ”intervention can shape our every changing world”.

Community Outreach Programs, Rehab * Veterans * Senior Centers * Women's Homeless, Family  & Youth Shelters & Grand families.

(Grand families are families headed by grandparents and other relatives who share their homes with their grand children, nieces, nephews and/or other related children. More than six and a half million children across the country live in households maintained by grandparents or other relatives. In about a third of these homes no parents are present.)